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October 18, 2008

Intelligent design debate brews controversy in Texas

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Here is a bit more information about the Texas Science Standards Review Panel.  Notice 2 of the anti-evolutionists on the panel are out of state.  Why is it necessary to appoint non local people from a state as big as Texas? 

I would guess the Republican Party members appointed or voted for  have appointed them for a reason, to establish a pro evolution point of view, or at least a voting duality.  I wander how flexible it will be in reality as they are not elected, just appointed.

The anti-science position of the literalist fundamentalist biblicalists group may be voted out as time moves on with the evidence of their Republican politicians being seen a failures in the Economy.

News 8 Austin Story : Intelligent design debate brews controversy in Texas – 10/15/2008 8:49:37 PM


October 14, 2008

The End of Evolution?| Christianpost.com

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On October 9 a prediction of mine happened, well really, an open speculation on my part, yet it happened. The Christian Post is reporting the End of Evolution, a false claim by the Professor Steve Jones at University College London.  R. Albert Mohler, Jr. is the writer of this and they both do not seem to understand the rate of evolution and the various paths.  Not only genetic changes but we should also understand that changes can occur afterward whilst development is going on in uteri.  So claiming evolution has stopped or evolutionists are wrong is false.  Changes can occur in our little grey cells inside our cranium as we developed.  It is all by EVO-DEVO which I know by Sean B. Carrol, an author of “Endless Forms Most Beautiful, The New Science of Evo Devo“, 2005, Professor of Genetics at University of Wisconsin and an Investigator at the Howard Hughes Institute, and Peter Gluckman and Mark Hansen, Mismatch, “Why Our World No Longer Fits Our Bodies“.  Thus we all need to read more about how Evolution of Species works, even our selves.


The End of Evolution?| Christianpost.com

October 10, 2008

‘Expelled’ Approaches DVD Release Date| Christianpost.com

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Good grief, I now have a chance of actually seeing this Ben Stein production that lies and lies and misrepresents and lies and ……

Perhaps I will be able to give a perspective that is unique, I doubt it, but when I get a chance, I will review it, but all the critques have been done, and I can’t add anything new, perhaps I can link it to Religulous when I get a chance to see it, by all accounts constructed the same way.

‘Expelled’ Approaches DVD Release Date| Christianpost.com

October 2, 2008

Over 800 Scientists Stand Against Language Critical of Evolution| Christianpost.com

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Although this article ends with a summary of the Intelligent Design definition of weakness’s and strengths of Evolutionary Theory it appears the scientists themselves are working against the States Republican Party Policy and therefore needs to be watched as the curriculum moves closer to establishment in this large State and therefore a publishers guide as to what to publish in the science text book fro the whole country.

I would say it is about time science fought back publically, what will be next in this saga.

Over 800 Scientists Stand Against Language Critical of Evolution| Christianpost.com

October 1, 2008

Academics spat over intelligent design | Science | guardian.co.uk

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darwin and eve 

Academics spat over intelligent design | Science | guardian.co.uk

What a debate taken from polar opposites can achieve any consensus I don’t know, but this one goes on and on, this time AC Grayling vs Steve Fuller in The New Humanist.

Now the Guardian has discovered it, unfortunately little is said about the Christians who have no issue with Evolution, or that the parents who brought the Kitzmiller et al. vs. Dover Area High School Board were Christians who went to Church on Sunday and one family taught Science in School during the week.  With what can be described as EVIL letters and threats to the participants, some from the pulpit, it is a disgrace fro anyone calling themselves Christian IMHO.

Why do the Creationists consider themselves representatives of the rest of of us, I don’t know, but they act as if they have never been exposed to what Truth really is or what others believe.  It is sad, because the debates will go on and on with no resolution.  Perhaps Stephen Jay Gould was right when he recommended that such debates should be ignored by Science.  At the same time Science should be better at promoting itself, particularly the Evolution Theory.  Note Theory not Hypothesis, established theory of Biology and various fields of research in Science and Medicine.

‘Expelled’ wins lawsuit over ‘Imagine’ song

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Again the Expelled travesty gets some publicity, although the producers have won against an misconceived challenge to copyright infringement.  They still have to answer the inaccuracies and misquotes in the body of the documentary and the plain false claims about Darwin’s Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection bringing about the NAZI’s Eugenics Movement which had been established in the UK and the US prior to German participation.  Further, it was established by Christians as the NAZI’s were.   Of course there were notable exceptions thank goodness.

Such lies coming for self proclaimed Christians is breaking the Law, Thou Shall Not Bare False Witness.  One Law conveniently ignored by those same publishers of the “Expelled”  movie.

Accepting the Truth from Science and Religion is essential to all and sundry of this world, and falsely claiming Science is wrong when the evidence points to the truth of Science will make all who make such claims seem ignorant and make the rest of us seem intelligent.

Understanding the errors in the Scriptures and the Truth of Science and Scripture is a major study by us all.

‘Expelled’ wins lawsuit over ‘Imagine’ song

The Columbus Dispatch : ‘Ant from Mars’ might help clarify evolution of species

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The Columbus Dispatch : ‘Ant from Mars’ might help clarify evolution of species .

Here at this news paper is an article that has been called “Ant from Mars” by E. O. Wilson at Harvard University, it is consider to be a relative to the exiting ants, however a better understanding would help by studying these underground ants via their DNA and how it is similar or different to ants and wasps as the current theory from E.O. Wilson has written some time ago now.

As we move along these years as the pass, more discoveries will assist in establishing without guesses, but as reason of the natural world moves.  Understanding speciation in this world from Evo-Devo, Evolutionary Biology, Paleontology and varies others.

What’s next I wander?  Hmmmmm?

February 18, 2008


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My eldest son is now 25 and a student studying Linquistics and Computer Science at Monash.  I do have concerns and always support my sons and daughters and wish him well in his endeavours in this world.  I reminded him he is approaching half my age, and he agreed, next year he will be.  When I am 100, he will be 75, and 3/4 my age, eventually, given longevity (not a Dubery trait) for both of us, he will eventually catch up with me.:)

Domain Mapping

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I have finally organised my domains so soon my other blogs can use a terraaustralisincognita.com url. Over time this should organise things quite well for both commentaries, and reviews, and not to forget, writing fiction, which is what i really want to do. This may sound strange by someone who is 51 years of age and has a career in public transport he doesn’t particularly like. I am working on changing things there as well. Who knows I may end up writing full time?

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