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October 17, 2008

3 evolution critics on advisory panel that will review standards for science courses in Texas schools

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Well, Texas appears to be following the Republican Party policy document in Texas by opposing Evolution in Science class in the advisory panel by stacking at least three idproponents in it.  The advisory panels meetings should be interesting, evenly matched between creationists and real scientists.

3 evolution critics on advisory panel that will review standards for science courses in Texas schools | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Texas Regional News


September 6, 2008

Those WMD Letters of Deception

Ron Suskind has published his The Way of the World recently and I am curious how the think tanks and the talking heads of the Republican Party and Bush Administration are taking it.  The allegations are extreme to say the least.

Last month a number of interviews were conducted with this Book and Ron Suskind as the subject and interviwee, the ones I listened to are:

It seems that I don’t have to look far thanks to google, there we find gut reactions from the rabid right where we are to believe we should ignore the allegations Suskind makes because he writes against the Bush Administration and therefore isa DNC operative.  I hate to tell these people that the world is more complex that they think and the evidence comes from good conservative sources, unimpeachable one might say.

I remember people defending the Bush Administration when these questions were first raised some years ago and certain individuals careers were ruined over it, yet the evidence gets better and The Bush Administration is still under suspicion.  Congress is investigating under the House Judiciary Committee under Congressman John Conyers, and yes he is a Democrat and thanks for democracy they have the majority in Congress, thus some work can be conducted in this are.

It is curious that such investigations and publications occur when the President is on his last legs, lame duck, where people in Government fear less the consequences from their bosses and speak out about things they are convinced need to be known by the public.  It is sad we have had to wait almost 8 years, but better late than never.  Whether Bush and Cheney will be held accountable before or after the end of this Administration is moot, I doubt that it will, Pelosi has said as much.  She doesn’t want to rock the boat so close to an election.  We have a while yet to see if accountability will occur, but it is still interesting.

November 18, 2007

Election Moving Towards Labour

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With 5 weeks to go, the Federal Election is proving a hard nut to crack fro John Howard MP PM.  We await for the great wedge to appear and split the opposition Labor Party, however it hasn’t appeared.  Nothing has happened, no great terrorist attack, only demonstrations of the ineptitude of the Immigration Department and ASIO at bringing evidence before a court, perhaps they wish to do it the way the US does it, but alas, we are in Australia, where the rule of law is still respected, especially as it applies to the Government.

Let us not hold our breaths, let’s get out there and campaign against tyranny, no matter how much it wraps itself in the flag and calls itself patriotic.

September 20, 2007

Peninsula seats up for grabs

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The Independent Frankston published an article this week by Keith Platt, stating what I have suspected for some time.  The demographics of the Federal Seat of DUNKLEY is more likely to return a Labour Candidate at the next election, it appears the Liberal Parties own polling has shown the obvious.  Graham McBride, the Labor Candidate is happy with the news and explains;

When you look at the Dunkley electorate, which includes Tanti Park at Mornington, Frankston North and Seaford, by rights it should be Labor

We can look forward to an interesting election, which appears to be in full swing even though it hasn’t been called yet.

September 16, 2007

We Are Still Waiting

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Unlike the US, we Australians have to wait for the PM, usually, to go to the Governor General to close Parliament and call a Federal Election. So we are now expecting an election whilst John Howard MP, PM , conducts discussions about hanging on to power which he apparently wishes to continue, yet the Government members are seeking a definitive decision on the election soon rather than later, and the opinion polls point to continuing disenchantment with the Government to the extent a Labour win if an election was held now would be a landslide, with them occupying the opposition benches a shadow of their former glory.

This could have been predicted and we will be hearing the succession and when arguments until it happens. I can’t see any change in the opinion polls soon in favour of the Government, but you never know.

September 11, 2007

Fascism in Democracies

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It has been concerning me for sometime, that any critiscism of the Iraq war and the war on terror promotes accusations of anti-americanism and allusions to being friends of the enemy, like al Quaida. Any reference to past history is ridiculed as if irrelevant, and it goes on and on.

Now with Senator Barak Obama making such subjects generally acceptable now, it appears the press is allowinging it, some begrudgingly. By that I mean, for example, the name of the Senator from Illinois is always with his middle name “Hussein”, whereas all the other candidates it is irrelevant somehow. Of course it is somewhat ironic Hussein is a US Presidential Candidates middle name at a time when anything arab is despised. Orientalism has taken a new path under the Neocons and the News Limited press that it is no wander the Arab world and Islam are feeling oppressed by the West.

This topic is going to be interesting to follow as the US Presidential election progresses as well as the Australian Federal Election coming up. Australia is where I live and work and the Flag I owe my allegiance to, you know the Scout Oath.

On My Honour I Promise to do my best to do my duty to God and the Queen, and to obey the Scout Law.

That being the case then anything being anti-Australian should be considered treasonous and tantamount to High Treason.

Barak Obama has done that and been accused of that as well as worse with comments from a foreign leader, namely John Howard MP PM of Australia. It is getting sillier and sillier.

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