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March 27, 2012

Predators of the Deep Past

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Below is an interesting image of a large aquatic creature devouring a flying pterosaur with a small fish in its beak. All preserved in a mud slide and deposited and discovered in the 21st Century.

Creationists, I still haven’t any evidence of a great world flood here in Australia or many other places. These creatures clearly existed 150 Million years ago and met a collective unfortunate end.

Here in Australia none of the Marsupials were known by Noah or any of the Prophets of the Old Testament.



November 14, 2008

Who Abandoned the Nest

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What an excellent article about a paleontological report in science.


For years it was a problem understanding why this clutch of eggs was abandoned, but now we know. (follow the link on the picture.)

I have always maintained that science will enforce the Theory of Evolution and make the Creationists seem just plain ignorant, and here we are again with evidence and a story about an event over 70m years ago.

October 17, 2008

3 evolution critics on advisory panel that will review standards for science courses in Texas schools

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Well, Texas appears to be following the Republican Party policy document in Texas by opposing Evolution in Science class in the advisory panel by stacking at least three idproponents in it.  The advisory panels meetings should be interesting, evenly matched between creationists and real scientists.

3 evolution critics on advisory panel that will review standards for science courses in Texas schools | News for Dallas, Texas | Dallas Morning News | Texas Regional News

October 10, 2008

Mysterious DNA Found to Survive Eons of Evolution – Yahoo! News

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I wonder if the Anti-evolution Christian Fundamentalist Crowd will grab this story and use it by misquotes and false attributions etc., to establish the false claim that Evolution doesn’t happen and all of science is wrong.

Maybe they will take Steve Jones talk at a UCL lunch-time talk in London on 7 Oct. to claim that evolution is over and it never happened?

We will have to wait and see I guess.  Perhaps you can understand my skepticism and prognostications as a factor of my experience reading and attending these creationist lectures and articles all around the place on the world wide web and here in Melbourne.

Mysterious DNA Found to Survive Eons of Evolution – Yahoo! News

September 15, 2008

Evolution again proved

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I have recently listened to a radio podcast where Greg Laden at the Minnesota University as a Biology Anthropologist explained how our ancestors developed from our split from the apes, the Australopithecus that stood upright with feet and a body like us around 7 million years ago.  This was our movement from the Forest to the plains.  Our change in diet and our ability to run from predators and cooperate  to hunt the same. It maybe this post at plos that is interesting http://www.plos.org/cms/trackback/391 and http://www.plosone.org/article/info%3Adoi%2F10.1371%2Fjournal.pone.0002995 which gives an idea how we developed from the forest dwellers into the Holocene period for 3 million years as the Australopithecine developed in that area of Africa near Niger.

Hopefully this great work as it progresses will give us new hope to our origins and clear up over time the Creationist mumbo jumbo we have to put up with from time to time.

It will be over time because of the problems dealing with the troubles of that area and the dry environment.

August 15, 2008

Beliefs on Religion and Science

Just read some of the Templeton Foundation Website about beliefs in Science and Religion worth a look. The Question is “Does science make God obsolete?” and the participants are Steven Pinker, Christoph Cardinal Shonborn, William D Phillips, Pervez Amirali Hoodbhoy, Mary Midgley, Robert Sapolsky, Christopher Hitchens, Keith Ward, Victor J Stenger, Jerome Groopman, Michael Shermer, Kenneth R Miller, Stuart Kaufmann are the participants.

Of course we don’t need to know Richard Dawkins view on this subject, the debates between the participants are interesting though.  Dawkins, of course has a point of view which we can characterise as Extreme Atheism or Fundamentalist Atheist, more commonly referred to as The New Atheists, where all religion is equivalent to child abuse and should be kept out of Primary and Secondary Schools with the exception of perhaps Comparative Religion, Referring to a child as a Mormon child, a Catholic child or a Moslem child, assumes too much and we can’t expect our children to have such fully formed beliefs as their parents, etc, etc.

I personally, take a view similar to Kenneth Miller and have the philosophical rule that, if you think there is a conflict between science and the scripture, you haven’t read the scriptures correctly.  This was held by Gallileo Gallilei amongst many luminaries and is a good place to start when a conflict, like evolution vs. creationism crops up in a discussion.

I have recently been reading Stven Jay Goulds, Punctuated Equilibrium, a contraction to a specific subject of his great Opus The Structure of Evolutionary Theory.

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