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October 1, 2008

Academics spat over intelligent design | Science | guardian.co.uk

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darwin and eve 

Academics spat over intelligent design | Science | guardian.co.uk

What a debate taken from polar opposites can achieve any consensus I don’t know, but this one goes on and on, this time AC Grayling vs Steve Fuller in The New Humanist.

Now the Guardian has discovered it, unfortunately little is said about the Christians who have no issue with Evolution, or that the parents who brought the Kitzmiller et al. vs. Dover Area High School Board were Christians who went to Church on Sunday and one family taught Science in School during the week.  With what can be described as EVIL letters and threats to the participants, some from the pulpit, it is a disgrace fro anyone calling themselves Christian IMHO.

Why do the Creationists consider themselves representatives of the rest of of us, I don’t know, but they act as if they have never been exposed to what Truth really is or what others believe.  It is sad, because the debates will go on and on with no resolution.  Perhaps Stephen Jay Gould was right when he recommended that such debates should be ignored by Science.  At the same time Science should be better at promoting itself, particularly the Evolution Theory.  Note Theory not Hypothesis, established theory of Biology and various fields of research in Science and Medicine.


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