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September 6, 2008

Those WMD Letters of Deception

Ron Suskind has published his The Way of the World recently and I am curious how the think tanks and the talking heads of the Republican Party and Bush Administration are taking it.  The allegations are extreme to say the least.

Last month a number of interviews were conducted with this Book and Ron Suskind as the subject and interviwee, the ones I listened to are:

It seems that I don’t have to look far thanks to google, there we find gut reactions from the rabid right where we are to believe we should ignore the allegations Suskind makes because he writes against the Bush Administration and therefore isa DNC operative.  I hate to tell these people that the world is more complex that they think and the evidence comes from good conservative sources, unimpeachable one might say.

I remember people defending the Bush Administration when these questions were first raised some years ago and certain individuals careers were ruined over it, yet the evidence gets better and The Bush Administration is still under suspicion.  Congress is investigating under the House Judiciary Committee under Congressman John Conyers, and yes he is a Democrat and thanks for democracy they have the majority in Congress, thus some work can be conducted in this are.

It is curious that such investigations and publications occur when the President is on his last legs, lame duck, where people in Government fear less the consequences from their bosses and speak out about things they are convinced need to be known by the public.  It is sad we have had to wait almost 8 years, but better late than never.  Whether Bush and Cheney will be held accountable before or after the end of this Administration is moot, I doubt that it will, Pelosi has said as much.  She doesn’t want to rock the boat so close to an election.  We have a while yet to see if accountability will occur, but it is still interesting.


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