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September 11, 2007

Fascism in Democracies

Filed under: Foreign Affairs,Politics — amunhotep @ 3:10 am

It has been concerning me for sometime, that any critiscism of the Iraq war and the war on terror promotes accusations of anti-americanism and allusions to being friends of the enemy, like al Quaida. Any reference to past history is ridiculed as if irrelevant, and it goes on and on.

Now with Senator Barak Obama making such subjects generally acceptable now, it appears the press is allowinging it, some begrudgingly. By that I mean, for example, the name of the Senator from Illinois is always with his middle name “Hussein”, whereas all the other candidates it is irrelevant somehow. Of course it is somewhat ironic Hussein is a US Presidential Candidates middle name at a time when anything arab is despised. Orientalism has taken a new path under the Neocons and the News Limited press that it is no wander the Arab world and Islam are feeling oppressed by the West.

This topic is going to be interesting to follow as the US Presidential election progresses as well as the Australian Federal Election coming up. Australia is where I live and work and the Flag I owe my allegiance to, you know the Scout Oath.

On My Honour I Promise to do my best to do my duty to God and the Queen, and to obey the Scout Law.

That being the case then anything being anti-Australian should be considered treasonous and tantamount to High Treason.

Barak Obama has done that and been accused of that as well as worse with comments from a foreign leader, namely John Howard MP PM of Australia. It is getting sillier and sillier.


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